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1. Do your products provide compression?
Some do and some don't. Lightweight models provide slight compression, while midweight models and all winter models provide medium compression. Heavy weight models will be available soon.



2. What's the difference between winter heat gear and the regular cool gear, do they really keep you cool? 
Our fabric for regular lightweight models are thin and helps evaporate your sweat faster than traditional fabric (e.g., cotton). The evaporation helps to lower your skin temperature. Winter thermal models use thicker fabric that has soft fleece like fabric attached inside to keep you warm during cold environment.



3. How do we select a correct size?
Please carefully read our "size guide" page as our sizes vary among the models.



4. What is the difference between “lightweight”, "standard weight" vs “mid-weight” models?
Lightweight models use light-weight fabric (5.0 oz/yd²) thus light compression. Standard weight fabric is patented, provides low-medium compression and weighs 5.6 oz/yd². Midweight models use 6.0 oz/yd² patented fabric and provides medium compression. Winter models use 6.2 oz/yd² patented fabric with a soft-fleece attached inside. Please see here for more information.



5. What is your return & exchanges policies?
Please see our Shipping & Returns page.