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How to Find a Fitness Accountability Buddy to Work Out With

Having a friend that inspires and motivates you to meet your goals is life changing. Their encouragement makes a world of difference in how you approach a task such as working out. In addition to providing moral support, they’re also by your side providing you with company. Think about how much more fun you’ll have when you have someone to talk to and work out with.

What to Do If a Family Member or Friend Can’t Help

If you don’t have an accountability buddy in mind, don’t worry. There are a number of ways to find one if a family member or friend isn’t available to work out with you. You can try enlisting the support of a co-worker or even a neighbor.

Ask Your Personal Trainer for Suggestions

If that doesn’t work out for you, your personal trainer might be able to match you up with someone who is looking to step up their workouts. You may also be able to find a group that meets up at a gym or public park to exercise together. Committing to working out with another person helps you achieve your goals faster.

Meet Your Goals Faster

Having an accountability buddy prevents you from taking too much time off from your workout schedule. You won’t want to disappoint your friend so you’ll go the extra mile to plan activities that you both enjoy and look forward to doing. Having an accountability buddy is also great for when you want to change things up because they likely do things that you haven’t tried in the past.      

Better Work Outs and Better Relationships   

Now that you have someone to hold you responsible for your fitness goals, you’ll be better able to achieve them. Not only will you get to spend more time with your friend, you’ll also have a bigger reason to maintain a regular workout schedule. The end result is a happier, healthier friendship, and a stronger, better body.

Choose the Right Attire for Your Work Outs

The right gear makes working out easier. Make sure to dress comfortably for whatever activity you plan to do. Choose attire that has some give in it so that you’re able to bend and stretch with ease.

Schedule Activities Outdoors for Added Exercise

Let your family and friends know your intentions and see if any of them are willing to meet you at the gym before or after work or school. Schedule social activities outdoors so that you get the benefit of sunshine and fresh air. Even if you don’t have a steady partner, perhaps you’ll have a few that can meet with you off and on throughout the week.

Athlete Beyond offers fitness apparel for men and women. If you and your partner need tops or bottoms to work out in, you’ll find the selection we offer to be ideal. Make sure to join our mailing list for special offers and discounts, too.



Create the Perfect Workout Playlist by Doing This

If you want to feel more motivated to work out, crank up the tunes. Buffer Social reports that listening to music helps the brain override signals of fatigue while completing low and moderate intensity exercise. It helps people push through pain and achieve faster and better results because it helps them use their energy in a highly efficient way.

Selecting the Tunes

Here’s how to create the perfect workout playlist according to SparkPeople:

  • Choose a Song That Warms You Up.

    Select music with a moderate tempo that inspires you. Make sure that it’s longer in length. Shoot for a song that is four minutes long or longer to get you moving because that’s how long it usually takes to warm up.
  • Add a Song That Gets You Started.

    A moderate to fast paced song helps you set the speed for walking, running or moving on the elliptical. Think of music that really excites you and add it into the playlist.
  • Include Songs That Pump You Up and Help You Get in the Zone.

    Add songs with varying speeds to mimic the natural progression of your workout. You won’t want to run the entire time you’re on the treadmill. You’ll need to warm up and cool down, too.

Don’t let the music distract you, though. This is especially important if you’re exercising outdoors. You need to be hyper vigilant about your surroundings. You want to be aware of the people around you, as well as the traffic and the weather. This is what keeps you safe while running, jogging, and walking outdoors.

Note How Your Body Feels While Working Out

Take note of how your body feels, too. If something hurts, stop. You don’t want to risk injury by pushing yourself too hard. Think quality over quantity when working out because the better the workout, the fewer you have to do to achieve positive results.

Picking Up Where You Left Out

There’s always tomorrow to pick up where you left off. By then, you’ll know how well your hand-selected playlist works for you. If it gets you pumped about working out, you’ve successfully created a good motivational tool that you can use over and over again.

Switch Things Up

If it doesn’t do the trick, start over and see if you can add different songs or change the order of your current playlist to fit your needs. New music comes out every day. Challenge yourself to listen to new musicians, bands, and genres so that you feel inspired all the time to work out.

Achieve Your Goals Faster by Listening to Music

Now that you’ve set the tone for your upcoming workouts, you’ll be able to achieve your goals quickly and easily. Listening to music that inspires you to be your very best is one way to remain focused and stay on track while exercising. Before you hit the trail or treadmill, make sure you hit play on your phone or MP3 player. It helps motivate you to complete whatever fitness goal you’ve set for yourself.


What to Look for in Men’s Workout Gear

The right workout gear maximizes comfort and efficiency. It fits your body in a way that enhances your athletic performance and protects you from injury. The material is breathable and easy to launder. If you haven’t put much thought into the apparel you’re wearing while working out, you’ll want to now.

Being able to move freely is key to working out well. The clothes that you choose to wear while exercising should help you meet your fitness goals. If you’re a first time shopper for workout gear, use the following criteria to select the right tops and bottoms for you. You’ll have a much easier time shopping for shirts, shorts, and pants when you know why they’re beneficial.

Fast Drying Materials are Best

The clothing that you buy to work out in should be made of polyester, lycra, spandex or a blend of these materials. The fabric breathes well and dries fast. If you’re planning on working up a sweat, you’ll want clothing that isn’t wet long. It will rub on your skin and cause it to chafe which feels terrible.

Read Care Instructions When Washing and Drying Your Clothes

Cotton is great if you’re not going to sweat much. It feels soft against the skin and wears well over time. Be careful not to shrink your shirts in the dryer, though. Pay attention to the care instructions on the tags of your apparel so your workout clothing fits well at all times. You’ll want apparel that looks and feels great every time you wear it.

Fit and Flatter: Both Matter

Your workout apparel should fit well and look good. WikiHow suggests selecting clothing based on your choice of activity. You don’t want to wear long pants while biking or running. Shorts are more appropriate because they won’t trip you up. ATHLETE’s base layer long pants tights fit snugly and don’t cause this issue.

Find Clothing That Layers Well

In colder weather months, you’ll want to wear several layers of apparel. This keeps you warm while you work out. Look for items that you can wear over what you currently own. Also, find apparel that can be worn under bulkier items like sweatshirts and taken off when your body temperature rises.

Choose Compression Apparel When Lifting Weights

You don’t want to take a risk and get your clothing caught on a barbell when lifting. Find compression style clothing that clings tightly to the skin. You won’t cause an accident by snagging loose fitting shirts or shorts on the corner of the weight you’re lifting.



When shopping for workout gear for yourself, there are a number of factors that will help you make your purchase. For example, comfort is among the highest priorities you should have when choosing athletic tops and bottoms. Knowing what types of materials look and feel great one is half the battle. Once you’re familiar with the fabrics that make up most workout gear, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the selection to one or two options.

Product Highlight: Men's Premium Mid-Weight Running Tights

We are obsessed with these running tights. So obsessed that we want to tell you all about them. Why? A few reasons: they’re comfortable, flexible, and you can wear them anywhere, not just to the gym. And that’s only the beginning. Allow us to brag a bit:

Made with Patented Fabric for Your Best Workout

Athlete Beyond’s patented athletic fabric will give you your best workout ever. How? These leggings are designed to give you better range of motion, so you can work up to your full potential with ease. On top of that, their signature moisture transfer system wicks sweat, so you won’t feel bogged down halfway through and you can keep pushing yourself farther. Meanwhile, anti-odor technology keeps you smelling fresh, and SPF 40 means you can run outside and stay protected from harmful UV rays. These tights are an all-in-one workout booster.

They Improve Blood Flow

These tights were designed and approved for extended workouts, so they improve circulation. This means you can keep going…and going. With these tights, you’ll have to start setting your goals higher because they’ll be so much easier to reach. Endless stamina? Or hard-working athletic apparel? We’re going with both.

But don’t just keep it at the gym—improved circulation makes these tights great for everyday wear. They’ll keep you moving all day, and you’ll feel great at the same time.

They Ease Muscle Stiffness

That improved circulation eases muscle stiffness, which is a dream come true for, well, anyone who has ever worked out. Ever. Sure, that post-workout burn feels great, but sometimes when you wake up the next day it’s not just a healthy burn you’re feeling. It’s muscle stiffness. Nobody wants to feel inflexible and sore after tough workout. It’ll only prevent you from being on your A-game the next day. That’s why these tights are so great. They make you unstoppable.

And speaking of muscle stiffness. Have you ever had to sit in a car or on a plane for hours on end? That is muscle stiffness. When you’re traveling, you want to get the most out of your experience. Jet lag is already bad enough. Must your muscles suffer to? Wear these tights and you’ll hop off the plane ready to explore, even if it’s a business trip. They’ll understand, right?

Unbeatable Comfort and Range of Motion

Remember that patented fabric we were talking about? Well, it’s insanely comfortable. Why does that matter? Athletic apparel always matters. Comfort is essential to a productive workout. If you’re feeling stiff and weighed down by heavy sweatpants that you have to keep pulling up throughout your run, you’re not getting the most out of your workout. These rights provide unbeatable range of motion, so you can beat your distance over and over and over again.

Like we said, athletic apparel is everything. It sets the mood for a fulfilling workout, and it keeps your body safe and comfortable throughout. Check out Athlete Beyond for all of your athletic apparel needs.


Product Highlight: Casual Wear

Here’s the great thing about athletic wear: it’s super comfortable, so you can wear it any time you want, not just when you’re working out. And it’s stylish too. Nowadays, athletic wear and casual wear tend to go hand-in-hand. Leggings are in, crop tops are in, and slouchy tank tops are in. That makes Athlete Beyond your one-stop shop for athletic wear and casual apparel.

And it makes sense, right? Our clothing is finally beginning to match our active lifestyles. People are getting out and moving, and starting to understand the value of comfortable clothing. It’s a step in the right direction, if you ask us. So, how can your rock athletic wear as casual wear? Let us show you:


  1. Women’s Ria Crop Tee

This gray crop top is perfect for a day around the house, running errands, or even a sweet coffee date downtown. It’s breezy and comfortable, and it’s flattering as well. Paired with black leggings or blue jeans and sneakers, this top offers a casual but athletic look. It’s laid back, but says “I’m ready for anything,” and you are!

  1. Women’s Poly Two-Way Crop Pant

Whoever says “leggings aren’t pants” is just bitter. Let’s be honest. Everyone should wear leggings—they’re comfortable and they go with everything. Did you wear those to sleep last night? Nobody knows. Did you just come from yoga class? Maybe. Are you going to wear them out tonight? Yes. You know the value of a comfortable pair of pants and refuse to be restricted by denim and a zipper. Good for you.

  1. Women’s Air Relaxed Versatile Two-Way Tank Top

Last but not least, this relaxed-fit tank top is just as perfect as that gray crop top for mixing things up. It’s casual, fun, and sporty. No one has to know this, but it is odor resistant, so this top would be perfect for a day spent walking around town, or at the beach, or maybe even the zoo. Who knows? What we’re trying to say is that you could rock this top anywhere and look easy-going and chic doing it.


  1. Men’s Compression Base Layer Long Sleeve Top

Trying to think of a creative way to woo that girl you met at the gym? Indulge your competitive spirits and invite her over for a video game playoff. This long sleeve shirt would be perfect for the occasion. You’ll have all the flex and mobility you typically enjoy at the gym to show off your Super Mario skills, and you’ll look laid back and effortless doing it.

  1. Men’s Premium Mid-Weight Running Tights

These tights aren’t just for running. They’re perfect for around the house, and even better for traveling. They’re comfortable, flexible, and ease muscle stiffness. Sounds like something you’d want to wear sitting on a plane for a few hours, right?

So, there you have it. Those are our casual wear highlights at Athlete Beyond! If only we could get this trend to move into office wear—leggings and loose-fitting tank tops in the office? Maybe we would be too comfortable to be productive…or maybe we would be so comfortable productivity would soar! Let’s go with that. Spread the word.