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5 Benefits to Wearing Compression Base Layer Workout Attire

Wearing compression clothing during sports and exercise has become a new trend in recent time. While there may be some people who are skeptical of this new trend and its effects, compression base layer workout attire can be beneficial in many ways both to the competitive athlete, the body builder, and the average gym-goer. Here are some advantages to wearing these garments under your clothing while you work out or play a sport.

1. Increases Blood Flow

By wearing compression clothing and squeezing your muscles while working them, blood flow increases to the heart and reduce lactic acid build up. By increasing blood flow, your body will be able to work harder and longer without getting sore. The reduced lactic acid helps to recover faster. 

2. Makes You Sweat More

Compressing your body while working out will cause you to sweat more and, in turn, lose more water weight. These compression clothes will help you feel less bloated but make sure to drink water during your workout in order to stay hydrated. 

3. Reduces Inflammation and Soreness 

As a benefit of increasing blood flow through the muscles, compression clothing will reduce inflammation and soreness. By wearing compression clothes after a workout as well, the pressure on the muscles will work like a massage and can alleviate pain.

4. Prevents Swelling

Again, as a result of other benefits such as increased blood flow and reduced inflammation, you will prevent swelling of the body by using pressure as a form of therapy. The compression clothing will squeeze your muscles and train them to be stronger.

5. Provides Support and Prevents Injury 

Compression clothing will prevent injuries during a workout by giving your muscles more support and strength as you strengthen it. The tightness of the clothes works as a stabilizing cast and allows them to build up without wavering.

There are many benefits involved in wearing compression clothing during a workout or while playing a sport. This clothing provides extra support for your muscles as they get stronger and more flexible. The compression on the muscles reduces inflammation and soreness as well as preventing swelling after your workout. Sweat more during a workout while wearing this clothing and keep it on afterward for massage-like benefits. In order to get the best results from your workout with the most support and easiest recovery, use compression base layer workout attire. 

In need of some great compression pieces? Athlete Beyond by Coovy has a great variety of pieces.   For men give the men’s base layer long pant or shorts a try. For females the women’s compression capri pant is an awesome option!

Product Highlight: Men's Premium Mid-Weight Running Tights

We are obsessed with these running tights. So obsessed that we want to tell you all about them. Why? A few reasons: they’re comfortable, flexible, and you can wear them anywhere, not just to the gym. And that’s only the beginning. Allow us to brag a bit:

Made with Patented Fabric for Your Best Workout

Athlete Beyond’s patented athletic fabric will give you your best workout ever. How? These leggings are designed to give you better range of motion, so you can work up to your full potential with ease. On top of that, their signature moisture transfer system wicks sweat, so you won’t feel bogged down halfway through and you can keep pushing yourself farther. Meanwhile, anti-odor technology keeps you smelling fresh, and SPF 40 means you can run outside and stay protected from harmful UV rays. These tights are an all-in-one workout booster.

They Improve Blood Flow

These tights were designed and approved for extended workouts, so they improve circulation. This means you can keep going…and going. With these tights, you’ll have to start setting your goals higher because they’ll be so much easier to reach. Endless stamina? Or hard-working athletic apparel? We’re going with both.

But don’t just keep it at the gym—improved circulation makes these tights great for everyday wear. They’ll keep you moving all day, and you’ll feel great at the same time.

They Ease Muscle Stiffness

That improved circulation eases muscle stiffness, which is a dream come true for, well, anyone who has ever worked out. Ever. Sure, that post-workout burn feels great, but sometimes when you wake up the next day it’s not just a healthy burn you’re feeling. It’s muscle stiffness. Nobody wants to feel inflexible and sore after tough workout. It’ll only prevent you from being on your A-game the next day. That’s why these tights are so great. They make you unstoppable.

And speaking of muscle stiffness. Have you ever had to sit in a car or on a plane for hours on end? That is muscle stiffness. When you’re traveling, you want to get the most out of your experience. Jet lag is already bad enough. Must your muscles suffer to? Wear these tights and you’ll hop off the plane ready to explore, even if it’s a business trip. They’ll understand, right?

Unbeatable Comfort and Range of Motion

Remember that patented fabric we were talking about? Well, it’s insanely comfortable. Why does that matter? Athletic apparel always matters. Comfort is essential to a productive workout. If you’re feeling stiff and weighed down by heavy sweatpants that you have to keep pulling up throughout your run, you’re not getting the most out of your workout. These rights provide unbeatable range of motion, so you can beat your distance over and over and over again.

Like we said, athletic apparel is everything. It sets the mood for a fulfilling workout, and it keeps your body safe and comfortable throughout. Check out Athlete Beyond for all of your athletic apparel needs.


Product Highlight: ATHLETE Women's Lightweight Base Layer Long Tights


These leggings are THE perfect accessory to supplement your exercise routine in any season or workout setting. These leggings will provide you with a better workout when it comes to comfort, muscle support, and style. They can be worn at the gym, outdoors, under your shorts, or in your everyday routine. You cannot go wrong with this product and here’s why.

  1. Compression for Increased Blood Flow

These leggings by ATHLETE provide the perfect amount of compression for your legs to aid in your workout. Compression clothing increases blood flow to your heart and prevents your muscles from getting sore or being injured. Behind the style of these lightweight, base layer tights comes a physical benefit for your health!

  1. Comfortable

The comfort of these lightweight leggings is a huge benefit to them. There are many leggings out there that are not comfortable. Maybe the waist is too tight or causes bulge. The fabric might be too thin and revealing. But with these leggings by ATHLETE, you can be assured that your sweat will not show and neither will your underwear. They have a thick waistband and a lightweight, yet sturdy fabric that will resist sweat and be comfortable and flexible both for your workout and your daily clothing needs.

  1. Stylish 

While it may not be the most important thing on the list, style is definitely a plus to these amazing tights by ATHLETE. They are sleek, tight, and will fit your shape perfectly. They are subtle enough that you can wear them with any outfit and no one will know they are made for working out! Also, at the gym, you will be able to show of your curves without feeling too revealing.

  1. Odor-Free

Anti-odor technology included in these leggings is a great feature, because you can wear them to the gym, and then keep them on as you go about your day. They dry quickly and will not leave you feeling gross and sweaty after your workout no matter how hard you decide to go in the gym. They also prevent chafing with smooth flat lock seams.

While black leggings seem to be a very common accessory, it is important to find the perfect pair that will last no matter how often you wear them. These leggings are timeless and perfect for exercise as well as any outfit. Don’t let this item pass you by. For a great price of $22.99, you can buy them by clicking here.