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5 Benefits to Wearing Compression Base Layer Workout Attire

Wearing compression clothing during sports and exercise has become a new trend in recent time. While there may be some people who are skeptical of this new trend and its effects, compression base layer workout attire can be beneficial in many ways both to the competitive athlete, the body builder, and the average gym-goer. Here are some advantages to wearing these garments under your clothing while you work out or play a sport.

1. Increases Blood Flow

By wearing compression clothing and squeezing your muscles while working them, blood flow increases to the heart and reduce lactic acid build up. By increasing blood flow, your body will be able to work harder and longer without getting sore. The reduced lactic acid helps to recover faster. 

2. Makes You Sweat More

Compressing your body while working out will cause you to sweat more and, in turn, lose more water weight. These compression clothes will help you feel less bloated but make sure to drink water during your workout in order to stay hydrated. 

3. Reduces Inflammation and Soreness 

As a benefit of increasing blood flow through the muscles, compression clothing will reduce inflammation and soreness. By wearing compression clothes after a workout as well, the pressure on the muscles will work like a massage and can alleviate pain.

4. Prevents Swelling

Again, as a result of other benefits such as increased blood flow and reduced inflammation, you will prevent swelling of the body by using pressure as a form of therapy. The compression clothing will squeeze your muscles and train them to be stronger.

5. Provides Support and Prevents Injury 

Compression clothing will prevent injuries during a workout by giving your muscles more support and strength as you strengthen it. The tightness of the clothes works as a stabilizing cast and allows them to build up without wavering.

There are many benefits involved in wearing compression clothing during a workout or while playing a sport. This clothing provides extra support for your muscles as they get stronger and more flexible. The compression on the muscles reduces inflammation and soreness as well as preventing swelling after your workout. Sweat more during a workout while wearing this clothing and keep it on afterward for massage-like benefits. In order to get the best results from your workout with the most support and easiest recovery, use compression base layer workout attire. 

In need of some great compression pieces? Athlete Beyond by Coovy has a great variety of pieces.   For men give the men’s base layer long pant or shorts a try. For females the women’s compression capri pant is an awesome option!

6 Fitness Spring Must-Haves

6 Fitness Spring Must-Haves

Spring is in the air and it is time for everyone to come out of hibernation and get moving. Thankfully, the awesome weather puts us in a better mood and will hopefully give people the motivation to improve their fitness game. In order to make your experience the best this spring, here are some must-have items!

    1.Tight, Sweat Resistant Headband

The perfect workout headband will make your workout more productive, because it will keep those fly away hairs out of your face. It can be really annoying to go on a run and constantly try to get hair out of your face! This is an affordable workout accessory that can make a huge difference.

  1. Running Shoes

Everyone has a pair of tennis shoes that they wear to the gym, but if you are deciding to start running this spring, make sure you invest in a good pair of outdoor running shoes. The science behind shoes is hard to understand, but trust the experts, because there is definitely a difference in each pair. Lightweight shoes with good arch support will help you run faster and longer. 

  1. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Fruit infused water has become a new trend, because it makes your water tasty and provides detox benefits. Get yourself a fruit infusion water bottle that allows you to put fruit in the center compartment. This will allow the fruit to slowly seep into the water for the perfect balance of flavor. There are many combinations of fruit you can try. This will keep you from getting bored with your water and make hydrating yourself more enjoyable. 

  1. Comfortable Workout Gear

Lightweight, comfortable workout gear is essential all year around. Having high-quality gear will not only add some style to your routine, it will also motivate you to get up and get active. Athlete Women’s drawstring casual shorts are perfect for a stroll or jog in the park; they come in black or a Spring-friendly pink. Or for males, check out Athlete Men’s compression base layer sleeveless top

  1. Outdoor Yoga Mat

Yoga is a super relaxing way to get fit this spring. Doing yoga outside on a pretty day will be a great addition to your fitness routine. Invest in an outdoor yoga mat so you can enjoy the outdoor air without worrying about bugs or grass. 

  1. Headphones and Armband for iPod


Both headphones and an armband to hold your phone or iPod will come in handy this spring no matter how you choose to exercise. Whether you are riding a bike, going for a run, or lifting weights in the gym, you will want music to keep you moving. An armband will keep your iPod in place without you needing to hold it.

These are some inexpensive accessories that will make your fitness regime much easier and more enjoyable this spring. With the weather to motivate you and these items to enhance your workout, you will find that getting fit for summer is easier than ever!