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What to Look for in Men’s Workout Gear

The right workout gear maximizes comfort and efficiency. It fits your body in a way that enhances your athletic performance and protects you from injury. The material is breathable and easy to launder. If you haven’t put much thought into the apparel you’re wearing while working out, you’ll want to now.

Being able to move freely is key to working out well. The clothes that you choose to wear while exercising should help you meet your fitness goals. If you’re a first time shopper for workout gear, use the following criteria to select the right tops and bottoms for you. You’ll have a much easier time shopping for shirts, shorts, and pants when you know why they’re beneficial.

Fast Drying Materials are Best

The clothing that you buy to work out in should be made of polyester, lycra, spandex or a blend of these materials. The fabric breathes well and dries fast. If you’re planning on working up a sweat, you’ll want clothing that isn’t wet long. It will rub on your skin and cause it to chafe which feels terrible.

Read Care Instructions When Washing and Drying Your Clothes

Cotton is great if you’re not going to sweat much. It feels soft against the skin and wears well over time. Be careful not to shrink your shirts in the dryer, though. Pay attention to the care instructions on the tags of your apparel so your workout clothing fits well at all times. You’ll want apparel that looks and feels great every time you wear it.

Fit and Flatter: Both Matter

Your workout apparel should fit well and look good. WikiHow suggests selecting clothing based on your choice of activity. You don’t want to wear long pants while biking or running. Shorts are more appropriate because they won’t trip you up. ATHLETE’s base layer long pants tights fit snugly and don’t cause this issue.

Find Clothing That Layers Well

In colder weather months, you’ll want to wear several layers of apparel. This keeps you warm while you work out. Look for items that you can wear over what you currently own. Also, find apparel that can be worn under bulkier items like sweatshirts and taken off when your body temperature rises.

Choose Compression Apparel When Lifting Weights

You don’t want to take a risk and get your clothing caught on a barbell when lifting. Find compression style clothing that clings tightly to the skin. You won’t cause an accident by snagging loose fitting shirts or shorts on the corner of the weight you’re lifting.



When shopping for workout gear for yourself, there are a number of factors that will help you make your purchase. For example, comfort is among the highest priorities you should have when choosing athletic tops and bottoms. Knowing what types of materials look and feel great one is half the battle. Once you’re familiar with the fabrics that make up most workout gear, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the selection to one or two options.