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5 Benefits to Wearing Compression Base Layer Workout Attire

Wearing compression clothing during sports and exercise has become a new trend in recent time. While there may be some people who are skeptical of this new trend and its effects, compression base layer workout attire can be beneficial in many ways both to the competitive athlete, the body builder, and the average gym-goer. Here are some advantages to wearing these garments under your clothing while you work out or play a sport.

1. Increases Blood Flow

By wearing compression clothing and squeezing your muscles while working them, blood flow increases to the heart and reduce lactic acid build up. By increasing blood flow, your body will be able to work harder and longer without getting sore. The reduced lactic acid helps to recover faster. 

2. Makes You Sweat More

Compressing your body while working out will cause you to sweat more and, in turn, lose more water weight. These compression clothes will help you feel less bloated but make sure to drink water during your workout in order to stay hydrated. 

3. Reduces Inflammation and Soreness 

As a benefit of increasing blood flow through the muscles, compression clothing will reduce inflammation and soreness. By wearing compression clothes after a workout as well, the pressure on the muscles will work like a massage and can alleviate pain.

4. Prevents Swelling

Again, as a result of other benefits such as increased blood flow and reduced inflammation, you will prevent swelling of the body by using pressure as a form of therapy. The compression clothing will squeeze your muscles and train them to be stronger.

5. Provides Support and Prevents Injury 

Compression clothing will prevent injuries during a workout by giving your muscles more support and strength as you strengthen it. The tightness of the clothes works as a stabilizing cast and allows them to build up without wavering.

There are many benefits involved in wearing compression clothing during a workout or while playing a sport. This clothing provides extra support for your muscles as they get stronger and more flexible. The compression on the muscles reduces inflammation and soreness as well as preventing swelling after your workout. Sweat more during a workout while wearing this clothing and keep it on afterward for massage-like benefits. In order to get the best results from your workout with the most support and easiest recovery, use compression base layer workout attire. 

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Five Ways to Get Closer to Your Fitness Goals in 2020


When it comes to setting fitness goals for the New Year, you need a solid plan. It’s not enough to want to get into better shape, run a marathon or start a yoga practice. You need to be able to take action daily that brings you closer to your overall goal of being physically fit.

The following five tips will help you get closer to achieving your fitness goals in 2017:

  1. Be very specific about what you’d like to do.

    You need to know exactly what you don’t want so you can focus on the things you do want. Experts claim that the more specific the goal is, the better chance you have of achieving it. So, before the New Year, get very specific about what you’d like to do so you can get busy.
  2. Break down large goals into smaller, manageable tasks.

    Large goals should be broken down so they don’t appear as daunting. Unless you’re in the habit of running marathons every year, you probably won’t be able to complete one unless you train hard. That means, you’ll need to know how long to run and how often, each and every week leading up to the marathon.
  3. Set yourself up for success.

    You’ve got to make space in your life to make your fitness dreams come true. That means that you’ve got to be protective of the time you’ve set aside to work out. If you don’t, you’ll miss opportunities to work out and train.
  4. Build a support system that holds you accountable.

    Goals are so much easier to achieve when you have people cheering you on. Build a support system of family members, friends, co-workers, and fellow athletes to help you through the rough patches. You’ll come out on the other side better than ever. Lean on those who agreed to support whenever you feel like giving up.
  5. Give yourself a pass but then back on track.

    If you do have a bad day or week, be gentle on yourself. Don’t give up on your goals, though. Brush yourself off, rework your schedule, and get back to working hard. You’ve got this!

Runtastic, the popular running app, stresses the importance of finding the right fitness activity for yourself. It can be anything from Pilates to soccer. The key is that it “should be fun and never boring.” If you find yourself growing tired of your fitness routine, it’s time to switch things up by adding new activities or doing old activities in new ways.

It’s also important to take care of tight muscles immediately. You can do so by taking a hot bath or contrast shower. There are a number of lotions and creams you can use that aid with circulation. Engaging in moderate exercise gives your body a break between physically challenging workouts.

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How to Find a Fitness Accountability Buddy to Work Out With

Having a friend that inspires and motivates you to meet your goals is life changing. Their encouragement makes a world of difference in how you approach a task such as working out. In addition to providing moral support, they’re also by your side providing you with company. Think about how much more fun you’ll have when you have someone to talk to and work out with.

What to Do If a Family Member or Friend Can’t Help

If you don’t have an accountability buddy in mind, don’t worry. There are a number of ways to find one if a family member or friend isn’t available to work out with you. You can try enlisting the support of a co-worker or even a neighbor.

Ask Your Personal Trainer for Suggestions

If that doesn’t work out for you, your personal trainer might be able to match you up with someone who is looking to step up their workouts. You may also be able to find a group that meets up at a gym or public park to exercise together. Committing to working out with another person helps you achieve your goals faster.

Meet Your Goals Faster

Having an accountability buddy prevents you from taking too much time off from your workout schedule. You won’t want to disappoint your friend so you’ll go the extra mile to plan activities that you both enjoy and look forward to doing. Having an accountability buddy is also great for when you want to change things up because they likely do things that you haven’t tried in the past.      

Better Work Outs and Better Relationships   

Now that you have someone to hold you responsible for your fitness goals, you’ll be better able to achieve them. Not only will you get to spend more time with your friend, you’ll also have a bigger reason to maintain a regular workout schedule. The end result is a happier, healthier friendship, and a stronger, better body.

Choose the Right Attire for Your Work Outs

The right gear makes working out easier. Make sure to dress comfortably for whatever activity you plan to do. Choose attire that has some give in it so that you’re able to bend and stretch with ease.

Schedule Activities Outdoors for Added Exercise

Let your family and friends know your intentions and see if any of them are willing to meet you at the gym before or after work or school. Schedule social activities outdoors so that you get the benefit of sunshine and fresh air. Even if you don’t have a steady partner, perhaps you’ll have a few that can meet with you off and on throughout the week.

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ATHLETE Women's Drawstring Casual Shorts Make Working Out Easy

The right apparel makes working out easy. That’s why it’s important to find shorts that look good and feel comfortable while wearing them. If you wear the wrong clothing to work out in, you’ll feel hot, sweaty, and very unhappy.

The Right Material is ‘Breathable’

Avoid this by carefully selecting apparel that fits your body and ‘breathes’. Moisture wicking material is ideal, especially if you plan to work up a sweat. The wrong clothing adds bulk to your body and raises your body temperature to uncomfortable levels.

Choosing the Right Workout Wardrobe

SparkPeople recommends asking the following questions when choosing workout clothes:

  • Is it comfortable? Can you move well in it? Does it rub against your skin? Is it the right length?
  • Does it wick up moisture well? You want to feel cool and comfortable at all times. When you work out, you sweat but you don’t want to feel wet or sticky.
  • How does it fit? Does it cling to you or feel tight? Is it loose and easy to walk, jog or run in? Can you strike the perfect yoga pose in it?
  • Can I layer it with other apparel? Does it allow room for leggings or pants? Can you mix and match colors so that it works well with your existing wardrobe?

A Drawstring Allows You to Loosen and Tighten Shorts Easily

Of all the clothing you have to choose from, a pair of drawstring shorts is ideal because the string can be loosened and tightened however you see fit. As you lose weight and gain muscle, you can still wear the same shorts without worry that they’ll be too small or too big. This allows you to maximize the use you get out of the apparel and refrain from spending more money to keep yourself outfitted with athletic clothing.

Fun and Fashionable Apparel Makes Working Out a Priority

ATHLETE Women’s Drawstring Casual Shorts are exactly what women need to wear for a successful workout. Not only do they look great, they feel great on, too. Made with poly material and designed with a slit on the side, the shorts are fashionable and loose-fitting, making them a must-have for walking, jogging, running, and yoga.

Mix and Match Tops and Shoes for a Look That You Love

The shorts come in two different colors, black and pink, making it easy to match the shirt and shoes you’re wearing. The pink apparel is two-toned with a thick band of white at the top. You can easily wear the shorts to your aerobics class or yoga studio with pride because they look fantastic and allow you to move with ease.

Layer Shorts Over Leggings During Cooler Days of the Year

The shorts can be worn over leggings, too, for a look that is trendy and fun. They come in size Small to Extra-Large and are made of 100% polyester. They wash and wear well, making it effortless to care for the apparel and use it for years.

Dressing the Part Adds to Your Fitness Success

The key to a successful workout is having the right apparel. When you dress the part, you have an easier time getting in the mood to exercise. ATHLETE makes getting dressed for the gym quick and easy.

Healthy Travel: Tips for Working Out on Vacation

If you love to travel and live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to carry out your regular workout schedule while on vacation. Although it may seem difficult to do, it’s a lot easier when you have a plan. The following list of suggestions here serve as a guide for you so you can travel well this vacation and have healthier trips in the future.

Choose Compact Travel Exercise Clothing and Gear

The right tools make exercising on the go easier. For example, you can’t expect to put in a satisfying workout if you don’t have the proper clothing or footwear with you. Choose tops and bottoms that fit well and feel comfortable. Make sure that your shoes have good arch support and don’t slip or rub on your heels and cause blisters.

Stay Where There is a Gym Onsite or Nearby

If the hotel you’re staying at has a gym on site, consider yourself lucky. You can get in a good workout before attending a business meeting or going sightseeing. You’ll have access to a number of machines and equipment that you’re used to working out on regularly. This helps you keep up with your fitness routine without an issue.

Download Apps That Make You Feel the Burn

If you can’t find a gym, aim for the next best thing. Download fitness apps on your mobile device and work out to your choice of routine. CNET suggests Sworkit and the Daily Burn as among the best and most affordable options for Apple and Android devices.

Hit the Hotel Grounds and Get Creative

Take the stairs the next time you need to get to your upper-level hotel room floor. Walk the grounds of the hotel for several laps to burn calories. As long as you’re creative, you won’t run out of ways to get in physical activity while you’re traveling.

Jump in the Pool and Have a Full Body Workout

POPSUGAR suggests jumping into the hotel’s pool and working your entire body with some pool exercises. Not only is this a great way to strengthen muscles and burn calories, you can cool yourself off by taking one final swim the length of the pool. Make sure that you warm up by doing underwater jumping jacks and alternating high knees with treading water.

Skip the Cab and Walk to Your Next Destination

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to stray away from your normal workout routine. By being mindful of your itinerary and aware of the area that you’re visiting, you’ll be able to pull off a regular work out without a hitch. Follow the advice listed above for a happier, healthier vacation experience.

Traveling offers plenty of new experiences for you to enjoy. That doesn’t mean that you have to change your workout regimen while away from home, though. By simply preparing for your trip by booking the right accommodations and packing the right things, you’ll be able to exercise the same way you always do which won’t disrupt your routine.